Exciting Sex Positions to Try

Trying to find a new sex position is a lot like trying to find a hottest new restaurant in your city. Unfortunately there’s no Zagat guide for our sex lives. But luckily, the best part of trying to find a new sex position is that you don’t even have to leave the house! Changing your coital formations can not only make intercourse a lot more interesting, but can add more excitement to your relationship and thus make both partners more attractive to each other. Remember: pleasure is key – so find out what works best for him and her and go from there. Moreover, practice makes perfect and it might be a little awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it!  Here are some fun exciting positions that will undoubtedly add some spice in the bedroom.


 Reverse Cowgirl

Try this formation as an alternative to the traditional ‘cowgirl’ position. Reverse cowgirl is exactly how it sounds. Have you ever ridden a horse backwards? You get the hint.  Tip for him: grab her waist when she’s on top and then move slowly to her thighs and then move up to her breasts and hold on – just like a rodeo (except try and last longer than 8 seconds)! Tip for her: It might be a little awkward to gain your footing at first, but don’t be afraid to lie down backwards and let him do a little work if you don’t feel flexible enough just yet – even though he’s lying down he can still get to work!

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Spoon Sex

This position is good if you like cuddling and also if you’ve had a long day at work! There is nothing more intimate than spooning and making love at the same exact time.  Tip for him: put your arms around her tight and make her feel loved – stroke her thighs and whisper in her ear tiny, sweet filthy nothings. Tip for her: reach your hand behind you and grab firmly his behind as he thrusts – with your other hand reach around and pull his hair a little – or wrap your arm around his head as he nibbles on your ear.


The Rock-You-Like-A-Hurricane

This position will take a little bit of strength and exercise, but it’s worth it. This is where the man stands up and the woman is straddled at his waist. Think of it as dancing! This one is great after a few drinks and also for make-up sex. Tips for him: make sure your strong enough – don’t be afraid to use a desk, table, or chair for leverage, but make sure it’s comfortable for her – she needs to feel secure. Tips for her: you’ll need to help him out in this position, because he’s already doing a lot holding you up there, and don’t be afraid to ask for leverage yourself.



As much as 69ing is a great sex position – it also serves as a great formation for foreplay. Foreplay is incredibly important – especially for her. Guys are usually ready right out of the gate, but usually the ladies need a little time and we should give them that. We should appreciate our differences in biology and for what its worth there is nothing sexier to a woman than a true gentleman. Tips for him: don’t be shy – jump in and be sure to ask her where you should go – on every great journey there is a guide – let your woman be your guide! Tips for her: your fingers and hands can be mightier than your mouth!


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