Exploring Temperature Play With Glass Dildos

If you’ve ever played with glass sex toys before, you may have noticed that they tend to hold their temperature quite well – especially if you’ve had them in the bottom of your bed side table on a cold night! This can be used to your advantage, though, and open up a new world of temperature play to your sexual experiences. Whether you like it hot and sweaty, or cool enough to get your nipples perked, our team at Adam & Eve are here to provide you with techniques to safely use your glass dildos for temperature play!

glass dildo

Heating Up Glass Toys: To warm up your glass toys, first be sure that they are at room temperature already. While glass toys are designed to endure temperature change, heading from extreme cold to temperatures higher than body temperature may damage the toy. Place the glass dildo in a bowl that’s big enough for it to be completely covered in water. Put your dildo-in-a-bowl setup into your sink, and completely cover with warm water. Let it sit for around ten minutes, and then empty out around 2/3 of the water. Refill the bowl with hot water (boiling water is OK, but be careful) and allow to sit for another half hour. Be sure to test the toy before using it by placing it against a sensitive part of your body like the inside of your elbow. If it’s too hot, let it sit at room temperature until it’s cooled down enough.

Chilling Glass Toys: Again, make sure your toy is at room temperature, and you have a bowl that will let you sit your glass toy in to be completely covered with water. The technique is the same as using hot water, but this time, your first glass dildo bath will be in tap-cold water. After letting it sit for the ten minutes, replace 2/3 of the water with ice. This time, only let it sit for 20 minutes. Check the toy on your inner elbow. Do not place your glass toy in the freezer! This may cause the frozen glass to stick to your skin and cause frostbite in extreme cases.