Finding the P-Spot

So, a few years ago, I finally let my guard down and allowed my sexually advanced girlfriend to stimulate my prostate with her fingers while we were fooling around. To my surprise, it really felt pretty f’in great. This is one of those subjects that is a bit embarrassing to talk about, but hey, we are all reading this blog because we are mature, sexually active adults. Finding the P-SpotNow, I have gotten into the habit of massaging my own prostate while masturbating and find that my orgasms are stronger and much more intense. I finally decided to do a little research and was relieved to find out that this is more and more common in heterosexual males (or at least we are admitting to it more).

The anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. It contains thousands of nerve endings and when properly stimulated can be one of the most intense erogenous zones in the human body. In males, the prostate is anywhere from half an inch to a few of inches in towards the front of the body, and according to a University of Illinois McKinley Health Center study, “can be a source of pleasure when massaged by a finger, an object, or a penis. Also, the lower end of the penis, or “bulb”, is near the anal opening. It is stimulated indirectly by most types of anal sex.”

Human sexuality expert Heather Corinna explains, “Some folks call the prostate gland the “P-spot,” or the male G-spot, to make a comparison between it and the female G-spot, an area of the vagina which for women is often very sensory and pleasurable in a similar way. It’s a very sensitive gland, and even when you don’t directly stimulate it, your prostate is part of your sexual response and your orgasms.”

Thankfully all of this makes me feel a bit less of a perv. Certainly I am not suggesting that every man reading this starts anally pleasuring themselves or that women start trying to stick a finger up their man’s ass when they aren’t expecting it. But, if you do decide to experiment, you might be surprised by the pleasure our bodies are capable of giving us.