Fit for Sex – 6 Ways Staying Fit Improves Your Sex Life

Ever wonder what the relationship is between fitness and your ability to perform in the sack? I think we can all assume a few things; longer stamina, more flexibility and strength to get into those crazy positions. But it actually goes way beyond these few benefits.

Mr. Happy

The more fat we all carry on our body the more estrogen we produce. Estrogen, frankly can be quite the arousal killer and this especially goes for men. It can actually cause the penis to shrink.  Yikes! So getting into better physical condition can make your Mr. Happy happy.


Yep, higher levels of estrogen can also cause long term desire to wain and that means the “use it or lose it” philosophy extends here. Research has shown that it can take quite awhile for the fire to return after this “male menopause” creeps in.

Staying Fit Improves Your Sex LifeFor the Ladies Out There

Sex begets sex, so having it on a regular basis, even if you do not feel aroused. It will help you get in the mood. Research has shown that if women wait to become aroused, they simply may not. Whereas if you make masturbation or regular sex apart of your repertoire, you’ll feel more like doing the wild thing with a partner and sex is a great physical activity to share with a loved one.

Embrace Him

Pelvic floor exercises — this does not mean getting on the floor and thrusting your pelvis; although I’m sure there is some benefit to that too, can help you have stronger PC muscles leading to more intense orgasms for you and potentially for him. I’ve spoken to many a couple that when the woman began Kegel exercising during sex, their husbands reported a massage sensation on their penises. Think of it as a pleasant vaginal friction hug.

Feeling Good

The release of endorphins while working out is similar to the release of them during sex. Research has shown that people who work out on a regular basis, feel better about themselves. Having a good sense of self esteem translates directly into the bedroom. If you feel good about yourself you tend to be more open to exploring your own body leading to increased orgasms and even bonding between between you and your partner.

The Smell of Sex

We all release our own concoction of pheromones. This is especially true during not only sex but working out. A little bit of physical exertion and sweat can really help to arouse one another. This is why the gym can be such a great place to meet partners. You can smell potential dates up close and personal.

So, in addition to improved cardiovascular health, increased immune system, lower rates of cancer, and simply a longer life, being fit can help you keep that flame burning long into old age. As if I needed to give you another reason. Now drop and give me twenty.

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