Five Fast Foreplay Improvements

Is your foreplay starting to lose its sparkle? Have you just started skipping it altogether and found yourself falling into the same routines? Every once and a while, couples need to remind themselves how important foreplay is for sexual satisfaction. Adam and Eve are pleased to share five quick tips to get your foreplay back up to par.

foreplay improvements1. Discover your sacrum

You’ve probably not heard of this little cluster of bones and are asking yourself, “What’s a sacrum, and what does it have to do with sex?” The sacrum is the section of small little vertebrae right above your butt that holds the sacral nerves. In one study, 90% of the women who had their sacrum stimulated during foreplay experienced an orgasm during sex. One way that we suggest letting your lover play with this collection of nerves is to have them press their palm against the area, either while you lay on your stomach and they straddle your thighs, or even just a gentle massage while the two of you are standing. A great way to have a bit of foreplay in public without others knowing!

2. Open up your eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just men who are visually aroused. Ladies also can increase their libido through visual input. For some, watching an adult movie with your lover can get things going. If that’s not your thing, moving a mirror so that you can watch yourselves while having sex can be a major turn on as well. For some folks, it truly is as simple as opening your eyes and turning on the lights during foreplay. Sure, darkness and mood lighting can be sexy, but sometimes the biggest stimulation of all – your lover’s body – is right there staring down at you.

3. Get a new toy.

Of course we are going to suggest updating your sex toy collection – after all, we are American’s most trusted source for adult products! If you are using the same toy each time you have sex, things will start to get a bit stale. Don’t fall into the trap of getting the same toy over and over again. Rather than getting another bullet vibrator, or another dildo, look for a toy that has aspects you’ve yet to try. Get toys that will work on him as well as her. If you enjoy anal plugs, why not try anal beads? If you love nipple stimulation by hand, why not try a set of nipple suckers?

4. Start foreplay before going into the bedroom.

By that, we aren’t encouraging you to give your man a blowjob in the middle of the restaurant, or start playing with your girlfriend’s clit while at the gym. We’re talking about sending dirty text messages throughout the day, little teases and taunts while the dishes are getting done, and fully detailed descriptions on how you’re going to look in that slinky new underwear you bought.

5. Actually concentrate on the foreplay.

How many times have you started having sex, and your mind wonders to other things. Did I pay that bill? Are the kids’ lunches packed for tomorrow? What time is the delivery tomorrow? If you catch yourself thinking about other things at hand, STOP! One method used to control this is to talk dirty to your lover. If you’re actively engaged in speaking, there’s less of a chance that your head will be focused on other things. Too embarrassed to get out those naughty thoughts? Do your own mental play-by-play of the action. While your lover won’t benefit from your internal dialogue, it may go a way in helping you focus on your partner.