Five Foods for Bedroom Fun

We’ve probably all seen at least one Hollywood movie where the lovers bring a bit of food into the bedroom for some fun and games – 9 ½ weeks being the one that immediately jumps to many minds. While the idea of jalapeños and spiral pasta in the bedroom might seem good at first, there are some foods that are much better than others when it comes to sexy time. Our team at Adam and Eve have listed their top five foods for the bedroom – feel free to chime in with your own in the comments!
1. Ice – while this may not technically be a ‘food’, temperature play in the bed room has been part of the attraction to certain sex toys and lubes for decades. Tracing the body with the melting cubes can heighten the senses – as well as the nipples! Both the men and women on our squad advised putting a small cube of ice into your mouth while you perform oral sex. For the gents on the receiving end, this means they’ll get a mix of a hot mouth and a cool cube up against their shaft. For the ladies, try pressing the cube against their clit for a frozen surprise.

2. Honey – dripping a path of sweet sticky honey down your lover’s body, then traveling down that delicious pathway via licks, sucks and nibbles is quite the delectable way to get the blood pumping. This is one of the more messy foods to play with, so get ready to do some laundry when you’re done.

3. Juicy fruits – we’re talking oranges, strawberries, kiwi, or anything that will leave a lovely line of juice over the body when you trace it against the skin. Follow your line of fruity nectar with your own tongue for a double dose of pleasure. Be sure to hit all the right spots, including the nipples, stomach, and inner thigh.

4. Champagne – you might have a hard time imagining what to do with champagne, but one of our interns confessed that she once had an experience where a lover poured small pools of the alcohol onto her stomach, which was then subsequently sucked up by her partner. She loved the feeling of the bubbles on her skin, as well as the feeling of his lips on her belly. She also relayed to our team that even if you can’t get the champagne to stay on the skin, just pouring it over your body will give it an effervescent sensation.

5. Chocolate – this is the go-to food for lovers all over the world. Sure, you can always go with the classic chocolate sauce, but open yourself up to some other options. Chocolate frosting offers a thicker consistency that will take much more ‘time’ and ‘effort’ to remove, expanding your food-play time. You can also get chocolate that, when cooled, forms a hard shell on the body in the fruits section of most grocery stores. Just be careful that it’s not too hot when you apply it!

There are a few things to take into account when deciding which foods to take into the bedroom. Obviously, avoid anything that your partner is allergic to. Also keep away from spicy foods like the aforementioned jalapeños, as they can actually burn more sensitive skin on contact. Try your best to keep foods out of the vaginal and penile openings – this can lead to issues down the like yeast infections. The up side to messy play in the bedroom – showering together afterward!