Five Lesser-Known Ways to Tell He Wants to Get Laid

There’s one pretty obvious way to see that a man wants to have sex. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not possible (or socially acceptable) to see what’s going on in a man’s pants. The team here at Adam and Eve have listed five quick ways to tell that he’s in the mood for some lovin’ when you’re not able to see his package.
1. He touches his nose more than usual. The nerves that are in a man’s nose are linked to the erectile issue in his penis. Rather than stroking his cock in front of you, he’s activating these nose-nerves to stimulate things down below. So if you’re sure that your fella isn’t having allergy issues or coming down with a cold, you can take this as a sign that he’s having a bit of activity downstairs.

2. He holds his belt loops with his thumbs – you know, that slouched over swagger look that seems to be popular in teenage boys? If your older man is striking this pose, it may be for other reasons than trying to look ‘cool’. This draws your attention to his crotch, hopefully causing you to develop an interest in what is developing in his boxers.

3. The black part of his eyes (called the pupil) gets larger when a man is aroused. If your fella has dilated pupils, one of the reasons could be that he’s got something planned for later in the evening. So if he’s leaning over to stare deeply into your eyes from across the dinner table, take the opportunity to assess his arousal level by checking out his baby blues.

4. You may notice a change in his voice. Studies have shown that when a man gets aroused, he unconsciously drops the pitch of his voice. Some ladies love a man with a deep voice, so maybe it’s a method to get you into the mood as well!

5. If you’ve noticed that your man is rubbing and holding your shoulder, some believe that this is a subconscious replacement of rubbing and holding your back side. Sure, it might be nice to think that you’re other half is eager to give you a back massage, but it also might be a big hint that he’s got something else on his mind!