Five Things Your Guy Wished You Did In The Bedroom

Ladies know that guys aren’t always the most open when it comes to saying what they want – especially when it comes to the bedroom. We gathered a small group of guys, told all the female researchers to leave the room, and just had a good ole fashioned guy gab about things they wished their other halves would do for them in the bedroom. What they told Adam and Eve might go a small way in making your sexual experiences a bit more pleasurable – for you both!

guy wished you did in the bedroom

1.         He wants to watch your masturbate. “Knowing that my girl is getting exactly what she wants, and letting me watch it happen is majorly huge on the hotness scale”, confessed Brice. Our guys agreed that when it comes to watching sex, a porn is alright, but seeing the live action of their own partner, in their own room is one of the biggest turn-ons of them all. “It doesn’t matter if she uses her fingers, or a vibrator – when I see my girlfriend get close to cumming, it’s all I can stand not to join in with her.

2.        He wants surprise sex. “If my wife just came up from behind me, put her hands down my jeans, and started jerking me, I think I’d probably blow my load right there”, says Daniel. The men told us that it’s a huge boost for their ego to think that their wives and girlfriends are so hot for them, that they’d drop everything just to have an unannounced tryst. “One time, when we were out for dinner with our parents, by girlfriend slipped her hand under the table and started massaging my cock. Yes, it completely freaked me out at the time, and I was so scared that my future in-laws would discover what was going on, but I still think about it to this day – especially when I’m doing my ‘own thing’.”

3.         He wants to toy with ‘roles’. Are you always the submissive one, letting your husband be the one to take the lead? Or are you the one in control, guiding your partner through your sexual encounters? The guys we talked to fell under both categories, but they all agreed that sometimes it’s fun to change up those roles. “I’m usually the one initiating sex, and the one who suggests changing positions or using a toy. I’d really love for my wife to take that role sometimes, and let me know what she’s thinking about.” Even the men who had partners who actively participate in sex wanted to be the one to take control every so often.

4.         He wants an “OMG” moment. Ever had sex that completely blew you away – both in the physical pleasure aspect and the mental department? He wants that too. “I can’t say one thing or another would make that happen”, explains Chad, “but I think it’s a few things – the foreplay, where you are, the emotions involved – it’s a mixed bag.” Sometimes it’s the spontaneous encounters that set a guy’s mind on fire, while other times it’s a planned out intimate night. However it works for you, he wants to experience a night like no other, just like the ladies do.

 5.       He wants you to push your boundaries. Yes, sometimes he does want you to swallow. Sometimes he wants to engage in anal sex. Maybe he wants you to finger him in the back side. Whatever those unspoken boundaries that you have as a  couple are, sometimes he wants you to push them. “I have been wanting my girl to use an anal vibrator on me for ages, but I haven’t got the courage to ask”, relayed Tyson. When it comes to those grey areas – talk it out!