Flowers and Vibrators are the Perfect Date Night Gift

Planning the perfect date for you and your lady isn’t always an easy one. As you establish your relationship and become more comfortable with each other, you realize that you’ve already done most, if not all of the things that you’ve been longing to do with each other, both inside and outside your home. Perhaps that’s why this article is here to help you when all seems lost. Sure, you could always do the guaranteed dinner and a movie trick that usually lands you with a successful night in the bedroom, but you don’t always have to go that route. In fact, you might find it better to just get right to the point of it all, which brings me to the perfect date night gift…flowers and vibrators.

flowers & vibrator
Now obviously, you’re not going to take this on your first night. In fact, if you do, you’re probably going to get the door slammed in your face for automatically thinking that you’ve earned a little tail just for asking a woman out on a date. Earn a little bit of respect and at least establish some sort of mental agreement or sexual tension between the two of you before deciding whether or not this is going to work.

Remember that if you’re going to do this timing is everything. Don’t present it to her at the end of the night. If you spend too much time doing something else, you could find her a little too tired to do something fun with you and the gift would have to be used another time, or even worse, used without you around. Present the flowers first, but make sure you give her the vibrators early in the evening as well.

Make sure to give her a couple of options. I’m not saying that you should come to her door with a load of vibrators piled up in a box, but find 2 or 3 toys that are unique from each other with each having their own advantage. You could even go with different sizes if you’re not quite sure how big she likes to go when it comes to sex toys.

Now generally, your gift isn’t going to need much of an explanation, but in case she gives you the awkward eye, make sure to explain to her that it’s not just for her, but for the both of you to enjoy what goes on between the sheets a little bit more. A simple line like “I thought we could spend the night in tonight”, or other catchy phrase should do the trick just fine. Many women often think that vibrators are for use when they’re alone, and you may have a woman on your hands who is still exploring her sexuality.

Remember, this isn’t about walking in and telling her that you want to jump her bones. This is going to be about telling her that you want to explore her sexual side with her, and bring some fun toys along for the ride. I guarantee if this works for you, it will be the best date night that you’ve ever had in your life, and you’re going to learn more about her in a few short hours than you would ever expect to over the course of your relationship.