Four Fabulous Lesbian Sex Positions That Really Work

There seems to be very web site, ebook and how-to video on the market for the hetero couple who want to try new sexual positions. Adam and Eve don’t want to leave our Sapphic ladies behind, so our research team has pulled together a collection of lesbian couples to find out what positions work best for them – both with and without any additional toys!lesbian sex positions

Knee Straddle – Lover A supports her own weight on her knees, and straddles Lover B’s leg. Lover A can use this position to rub her clit against her partner’s thigh, or to slide on top of a thigh harness that Lover B may be wearing.  The lucky lady on top can also lean forward and play with her partner’s clit and pussy while enjoying the ride. In the meantime, Lover B is free to do any number of things – suck on her partner’s nipples, help her along with some thigh-grinding, flick and finger her pussy, or even give her a great smack on the ass.

Modified 69 – Our couples have found that the classic 69 position (where both lovers engage in simultaneous oral sex) is much easier when done laying on their sides rather than one on top of the other. With each over, the leg closest to the bed is used as a ‘pillow’ for their lover’s head. The other leg is pulled upward and slightly forward, to rest on their partner’s side. This position is not only easier as the pair’s weight is being supported on the bed as opposed to another body, it leaves enough breathing space so that you’re not gasping for air.

Scissors – Yes, this is the position that most minds travel to when you think of lesbian sex positions. Two legs intertwined, with one eager pussy rubbing against the other. This position varies from couple to couple, with some using their arms to hold themselves semi-upright, while others lay completely flat and use the opportunity to play with each other’s feet. They key is to get simultaneous rubbing so that both lovers can be pleasured via the clit at the same time. Some lovers use double ended dildos in this position as well.

Lesbian Missionary – Think of the hetero version of the missionary position, and you’ve got a good foundation. If the lady on top is wearing a strap on harness, then the action is also similar to the straight sex potion. If not, then a few adjustments are made. Some ladies spread their leg positions out slightly so that there is maximum clitoral contact. Others do a sort of side-straddle, where the Knee Straddle and Scissors are combined. In either position, the lovers’ hands and mouths are free to take up other actions.