Four Kama Sutra Positions You Can Actually Do!

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text that delivers the idea that sex should be an everyday part of our lives. In order to keep that spark going, where daily sex isn’t boring, the Kama Sutra has more than sixty different positions you and your lover can try. While the book focuses on heterosexual relationships, the positions can easily be adapted for anal intercourse between two men, or for two ladies when one is wearing a strap on.

One of the major issues with the Kama Sutra, though is that a lot of the positions may not be accessible to everyone. Flexibility, stamina and strength are a key requirement for achieving all 64 positions. What if you have a disability? What if you’re not quite as athletic or young as you used to be? What if you’re just plain tired? Here are four Kama Sutra positions that are easily achieved by those with less than perfect bodies.

Sitting Position – While the man sits on the floor with his legs extended before him, the woman sits down on his lap and on top of his penis, so the lovers are face to face. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she moves herself up and down on his shaft. This position can easily be moved to places that are softer on the body such as a bed or even the couch or chair.

Woman On Top – This particular woman on top position is great for the man who can’t (or would prefer not to) participate with a lot of action on his end. It’s somewhat like a combination of popular “reverse cowgirl” and “doggy style” positions. The man lays on his back. The woman straddles his hips facing away from him. While she slides down on his shaft, she leans forward and placed herself on all fours. In this position she can rock back and forth to stimulate them both, while the man sits back and enjoys – and maybe offers a few ass smacks as encouragement!

kama sutra

Man On Top – This time the lady gets to relax! The woman lays down on her stomach with a couple of pillows propped under her hips, allowing her to slightly bend her legs. The man lays on top and enters her from behind. This position is great for slow sexual build up – ideal for the guys who are quick on the trigger. For some men, they may want to use their arms to support some of their weight; although some ladies like that pressure that a man’s weight can give.

Side Positions – Another great position for those who don’t have a lot of energy to give, or as a “resting” position in between more active ones. Both lovers lay on their sides, facing each other. The woman lifts her leg and rests it on her lover’s hip, giving him easy access. The magic happens when both lovers move their hips in time. For the man, it may be easier (and give a bit more leverage) if he bends his upper leg so that his foot is flat on the bed and his knee is in the air.