Get A Room!

Getting you and your partner in the mood can seem at times like a daunting endeavor.  But why does sex need to be daunting? Many couples experience swings in their sexual activity. Most married couples only have sex a few times a week or worse a month.

Daily sexual intercourse can be healthy for many reasons – for your relationship and your health. Regular sex can keep the heart rate up, raises confidence and self-esteem, and builds a bond between the couple.

get a room

The number one answer to the question “why do you have less sex” is always “we’re never in the mood.”  Getting turned on is easy, but it’s how to sustain it; and more turn it into passionate and restless desire.

Men: A woman is only really ready and turned on when she is dripping wet – that means she wants you now!  Women: a man is turned on when his erection is rock hard – simply as that. The male anatomy is a lot simpler than a woman’s, but his feelings and desires are just as complex.

One of the best ways to get turned on is to change your surroundings.  If you are always in the same bedroom or house it can get extremely boring and redundant.  Try moving to the kitchen and doing it on the counter or move to the back yard in the grass. If its hot out get naked in the fresh air and if it’s cold grab a sleeping bag.  One of the best ambiance changers is getting a hotel room for a night. Maybe it’s the high thread count sheets, the mint on the pillow, or the amazing shower pressure, but hotels can be sexy and adventurous.  And the best part about a hotel is that you don’t have to clean up – you can get as messy and dirty as you want.

Another fun place to get it on is in the car! Try jumping in the back seat with some good tunes on the radio. But remember to go somewhere secluded – you want to be alone. One of the biggest factors to a buzz kill is an unwanted interruption. A woman will generally have to start from scratch the moment there is a distraction. Also, researchers say that 12% of couples sleep in separate rooms.  If you don’t even want to sleep next to each other how are you going to sleep together? I suggest changing the room around.

Women: don’t take over with interior design – compromise – you don’t want it to look a woman’s bedroom you want it to look like a couples bedroom. Men: try rearranging the furniture – see if a little feng shui can help or maybe add a little of your touch.

Getting turned on doesn’t have to be daunting – find out what works for you and remember that sometimes you need to change your routine to find a new one.


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