Hidden Secrets of the Bikini Waxer

Spring break is getting close, and many of us will be heading to warmer climates for a bit of rest and relaxation. It’s also the time of the year when a woman’s attention turns to grooming down below, and shedding off any hair growth that may have accumulated over the winter. While many of us may cringe at the thought of a Brazilian, there are tips and tricks that your waxer may not be sharing with you – but the team at Adam and Eve will! Here are five hidden secrets of the bikini waxer.
• Smart women book their waxing appointment between 3pm and 5pm. This to hour block during the late afternoon is the time of the day when the body is best able to tolerate pain. While this isn’t the ideal time for those who work nine to five, we suggest taking a late lunch that day in order to get your waxing done. Something that will have you cringing in pain at noon may be a whole lot more tolerable at 4pm.


• The exception to that rule? Don’t book a waxing a close to your period. Give yourself at least a three day window between a waxing and the arrival of Aunt Flo. Your skin is extremely sensitive during this time, so even using the timeframe we discussed above won’t help. Forget going while you are on your period, as well. Many waxers have a health and safety policy that won’t allow them to wax a woman while she’s bleeding.

• Prep your body with pain relief. Take a painkiller like aspirin or ibuprofen around 45 minutes before your appointment. While it won’t completely dull the pain, it’ll help reduced the after-wax inflammation and give you a step up in the pain reduction department.

• Your freshly waxed skin is quite fragile. Not only are you at risk for ingrown hairs, your skin is super-sensitive to chafing, bacteria and sweat. The last thing you want along your bikini line is a fat red pimple! The easiest way to avoid these issues is to stay away from tight fitting leggings and pants. The tight clothing ‘redirects’ the hairs back into the body, so be sure that you are wearing something loose to keep the hairs growing outward.

• If you are a hoverer when you use the bathroom, be prepared for some stream-redirection. The hairs that were formerly there helped keep your urine flowing in one particular direction. Once that hair is done, your pee may go places you are not prepared for. We’re not saying that you should do a full sit-down on the public toilets, but you may want to get as low as possible.