Hook-Up App Etiquette

With the rise of smart phones, people have never had easier access to finding sexual partners for a quick hookup. Of course, a lot of us go to these apps under the pretense of looking for “casual dates.” In truth, we are there for sex. Maybe not right this second, but eventually.Hook-up applications are like chumming the water. The sharks will eventually circle and you can sit in the safety of your virtual cage until you find the one you want to let bite you. Oh, and for those of you who are like, “Wha??? I can troll for sex on my smart phone?”…the best known apps include Blendr (for iPhone only), Speed Date, Are You Interested, and for you gents interested in other gents, Grindr and Scruff.

smartphone hookup

Be warned. You will have access to more people interested in sex than you can imagine. You probably won’t be interested in 75% of them. But, you still have to have manners and humanity when dealing with other people’s feelings. So, here are some rules to consider:

1) Don’t be vulgar. Sure, you might want to bury your face in her snatch and eat her like there’s no tomorrow. But, if that’s your opening line, you are going to be ignored pretty damn fast. Introductions and small talk count. Yes we are here for sex, but come on, show some class.

2) Give more than one word responses. If you are interested in the person you are talking to, then show interest. Don’t make the other person do all the work to keep the conversation going. Conversely, If you really are not interested, then have the guts to say, “Thanks, I’m flattered but I am not really interested.” At least they know where they stand and will stop bugging you every time they notice you are logged on. Just don’t be rude about it. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

3) Don’t be afraid to block. Almost every app has a blocking mechanism. If someone is harassing you or there is someone you just are not interested in talking to at all, then block them. It takes away all chances of having some awkward exchange.

4) Show your face. There is nothing less attractive than having a conversation some disembodied torso or extreme close up of genitalia. If you are that far on the down low or don’t want your wife/husband to find out, then maybe you should be looking for sex somewhere else. Almost no one worth having sex with is going to meet up with you without seeing your face.

5) Empower yourself. Admit what you want. You are there for sex. Maybe not on the first meeting, but you do want it. Own it. It will allow you to accept the types of experiences you seek. Don’t judge yourself too harshly for wanting sex. We are all human.