How Do Stay Hard Creams Work

When little blue pills and penis pumps aren’t working to help you last longer in the sack, some guys turn to a lubes and sprays to keep them harder for longer. Ideal for guys who can get it up, but are quicker on the trigger than they’d like to be, these delaying products can add more than a few precious minutes to your lovemaking session. Using the same ingredients found in toothache gel, these stay hard creams and sprays work in a rather ingenious way.

Most ‘stay hard’ products contain desensitizing ingredients that dull the skin’s receptors, making it more difficult for a man to reach the point of orgasm. In a nutshell, if he’s not feeling it, he’s not going to cum as quickly. Now, they don’t elimination total sensation – he will still feel something. But, like other numbing products like tooth gels and anal lubricants, the feeling is significantly less. Most stay hard sprays and creams use ingredients like Benzocaine to numb the skin. Benzocaine has been used for years on other non-sexual products for pain relief, and has crossed over into the pleasure product world in recent months.

Be sure to read the instructions on your stay hard product before applying it. Some require a bit of ‘set up time’ before the action starts, allowing the numbing agents to do their work. Others suggest you spread it on and get going right away. Keep in mind that in some cases these desensitizing lubricants can have a slight effect on your lover as well. If the lube hasn’t completely soaked into your skin, and some gets on your partner’s body, it can also desensitize them as well! As with any new cream or lotion, always do a patch test on a ‘safe’ part of your body (like your forearm) to be sure you don’t have any sort of reaction that you don’t expect!

The good news about most stay hard products is that they are water based, which allow them to be used while wearing a condom. If you are indeed using some stay hard lube while wearing condoms, be sure that all the product is absorbed into the skin before pulling one on. This will ensure that the condom stays where it belongs!How Do Stay Hard Creams Work

So how well do stay hard creams actually work? One gentleman who has reviewed the Sta-Hard Desensitizing Lubricant was very ‘quick on the trigger’ used to have to take multiple breaks so that he wasn’t orgasming within minutes of penetration. Using the stay hard lube allowed him to remain inside his partner and keep going for more than 45minutes before climaxing. We’d certainly say those are results!