How NOT to Screw Up Your V-Day!

So, we all want to make our special someone feel loved on Valentine’s Day.  What’s more, we would all probably like to get a little action on Valentine’s Night! So, here’s a few tips to make sure you accomplish both goals!

1) Make Reservations in Advance!

If you plan to go out to a romantic dinner, plan ahead! Be an adult and make reservations well in advance (like right now). Nothing is less romantic than driving from restaurant to restaurant trying to find a place to wine and dine your lover. Chances are you are going to end up at a family restaurant with pictures on the menu.

2) Buy Flowers/Gift!

Making the gesture of actually getting flowers and/or a gift for your companion will make them exceptionally happy. Even the staunchest of hearts melt when a gift arrives on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to break the bank on this. But a token gift goes a long, long way.

3) Show Up On Time!

Never, never, never keep your date waiting on Valentine’s Day.  Even if you have been married for 25 years, make sure you arrive when you say you will. Being late sets a negative tone for the evening that is seriously difficult to recover from.

4) Put The Phone Away!

Make sure your date has your undivided attention on Valentine’s Day. So turn the phones off so you are not even tempted to look at texts, emails, Facebook, sport scores, or anything else.

How NOT to Screw Up Your V-Day

5) Sincerely Complement!

Complements that come from the heart will make your loved one feel great. Please make sure they are sincere and that it is obvious you mean them.

6) Do Not Go To Or Do Any of the Following:

Fast Food, Strip Clubs, Monster Truck Rally, Comic Book Store, Log Into World of Warcraft, Pay With a Coupon, Suggest a Horror Movie, or anything else completely inappropriate for a romantic evening!

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