How To Give An Incredible, Sensual Massage

The best part of anniversaries is that, technically, everyday can be a celebration of the first time you met your lover.   The question is, on that special night, how do you give your lover a night to remember. In my book, massages are the best gift to give no matter what the circumstance is.

sensual massage

To give your lover a sensual massage they won’t forget you’ll need some tips.  It’s not all about rubbing your hands all over them. A massage is like a symphony, complete with a prelude, an overture, crescendo, and a finish.

Firstly, you’ll need to fill up the bath with a little more than warm water and at the same time pour in some oils, bubbles, and salts.  Have them soak in the bath as you massage their hands, feet, neck and if for something a little extra you can even tease their genitals. Loosening the muscles with a warm bath will make the massage feel a million times better. What I use is the Inttimo Massage and Bath Oil for a little aromatherapy and with the natural oils and aloe vera the skin will feel incredible to the touch.  In the bath, use a cup with hot water and pour it over their shoulders and let the water fall over their body – there is nothing sexier. When the bath is over wrap them in a thick robe or towel and have them lie on a flat, soft, but firm surface – face down.  Have them lay their arms downward and tell them to relax their whole body.  Remember: if the body isn’t relaxed the massage won’t work! When they are nice and relaxed start with the balls of the feet and then work into the thighs, back and arms. Always ask your lover how much pressure they want you to apply. Sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s a little – it just depends, but it’s always a good policy to ask so you know what they like.

Tip: usually if the massage feels good for the person giving it will feel good for the person receiving it.  If you wanted to really heat things up, tell your partner to flip over for an incredible frontal massage.

Men: massage her breasts, armpits, behind the ears, the inside of the thighs, and finish off with lightly massaging the clitoris or g-spot.

Women: massage his pecks, scalp (really get into his hair), inner thighs and you could then finish off with his stroking or teasing his penis.

And when they massage gets too hot too handle, the perfect finish is to make beautiful love and spend the rest of the night in each other’s arms.  There is no guidebook to a good massage, but remember be mindful to what feels good to your partner! Massages can be a sensual and easy way to spice up your sex live and add romance to an otherwise bland night – especially if you want to make it a night to remember.

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