How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Whenever I talk sex with my girl friends, there’s often someone who brings up the idea of multiple orgasms. Now I don’t know many women who haven’t had at least one set of  multiple orgasms in their life. After all, as we were growing up exploring, it was only natural that we did it to ourselves.

I do however know several women who can’t seem to have a guy get them off more than once. It’s a shameful story to hear, and I’m glad that I’ve learned the ways to actually assure that I have multiple orgasms, even when he’s not so great. Get a pen and paper ready because I’m about to reveal my secrets to a multiple orgasm.

multiple orgasms

It’s All in Your Mind

If you sit there and think that you’re not going to have multiple orgasms, you’re not going to. It’s kind of like when you go out not expecting to have a good time, it takes an extra effort to actually turn your mindset around. You know your partner isn’t going to do something mind-blowing with you telling him to, so expecting that you might come once will lead to just that. Go in with a motivated spirit about having a multiple orgasm and you’ll get exactly what you wish for.

Flex the Muscles

While it’s difficult to properly flex your muscles so you get off with a man inside you, you can’t give up on yourself so easily. You know what it’s like inside there when you have an orgasm, and replicating that feeling on your own isn’t going to do the trick, but it will certainly help push things along. Flex as often as you can and you’ll find just the right times to do so when it finally works for you.

Use the Toys

Toys aren’t just for you when you’re by yourself. In fact, I love bringing toys into the bed with my man. He was a little queezy about it at first, but after I showed him just how much it did for me, he was more than game for it. I can’t stress enough how well this will work for your goal of multiple orgasms. If you’re dying for another one, I encourage you to push your boyfriend off a little and have him let you do your thing with your toys.

Find a Man With Stamina

If you can orgasm once, you can orgasm more than once, plain and simple. If you’re not having multiple orgasms in bed, it could very well be that your man isn’t cutting it for you. We all need man with stamina, and while there’s more minute men in the world than the ones that last as long as a good porn, it’s okay to look for that. I guarantee you that a majority of the reason women don’t have multiple orgasms when they can have at least one is that the moment doesn’t last long enough for you to do so.

Multiple orgasms aren’t just a fantasy when it comes to sex. They’re actually quite the reality whn you put all of these tips together. I’ve found myself having several orgasms in one session simply with this list of tips, and if you’ve got your own ideas that you’ve found to work, I encourage you to share them a little bit.