How to Remove Your Pubic Hair

Dr. Kat shares another useful sex tip. Today’s sex tip has to do with pubic hair removal. The first thing you want to do is take a nice warm bath or shower while soaking the hair follicles. Putting a little bit of a conditioner on the pubic hair is suggested because this definitely softens it and makes it easier to remove. If you are somebody who goes a little bit more natural, which is great, then you do not have to remove your pubic hair. But if you want to get things trimmed up a little bit there and you can’t quite see the forest through the trees , then you should trim things up with a good pair of scissors.

Once you got in the shower or bath and you’ve soaked the hair follicles up with warm water and with some conditioner, then you should find a really good razor. I suggest either a two or three blade razor. It does not have to be the whole “quad thing” and it doesn’t have to be very expensive. It just has to be fresh. So you can have a new fresh blade on it. Get into a position that is comfortable and where you can actually see everything that is going on. So even if you have a mirror kind of perch somewhere, or you are in the bath tub,  just  prop yourself up and lift a leg so that you can see the entire  area. Some people when they get used to shaving, can do things by feel. That is not suggested when you are just starting out. Basically start on the edges and work your way in. You can use a shaving cream or shaving lotions that don’t contain chemicals. Chemicals can really be drying.

If you are going to shave on a regular basis, keep down there a little bit exfoliated. Whether it is a nice salt scrub or something like that ahead of time. It will make shaving a little bit easier as well. Eventually you can even show your partner and train him or her on how to do it on you. It can be a fun little thing together on a Friday night and it might lead to a little bit of action in the shower or bed after your experiments.