How to Say No to Sex Without Hurting Your Partner’s Feelings

Even if you and your partner have a healthy sex life, sometimes they may be in the mood when you are not. The tricky part is telling them no without hurting their feelings. Here are the top 5 ways to say no to sex without crushing your honey’s to say no1: Claim you are sick
It’s the oldest line in the book : “I have a headache.” Sometimes, it’s even true. If you are saying no to sex because you do not feel good, tell your partner the truth. Most partners are compassionate in the face of sickness and might even offer you a massage, or dinner in light of your illness. Don’t overuse this one though, or your partner will figure out that your headaches are a convenient excuse to avoid sex.

2: Claim you need to sleep
Point out that you need to get to sleep early because of a special project at work the next day. The promise of kudos with your boss is, at least occasionally, allowed to take precedence over sex. In the same light a “long day at work” might occasionally leave you too tired for sex. If you had sex the day before, claim that you did not get enough sleep last night and so were hoping to go to bed early tonight.

3. Bring the kids to bed with you
This tip only works for parents and pet owners. Bring the kids to bed, because of a nightmare, storm, snuggle time or an extra bedtime story. There will be no hanky panky with a monkey in the middle!

4. Prayer and Fasting
For religious couples, periods of prayer and fasting are a time when sex is set aside for religious purposes. This is an excellent reason to set sex aside, and a reason that your partner cannot really argue with. However, if you do not actively practice religion, your partner may see right through your phony excuse.

5. Be Honest
Whatever your reason for not wanting to have sex, be honest about it. If there is truly a problem with the sex life, it can’t be corrected without facing it. If you are stressed, tired, just not in the mood, or busy with other concerns, let your partner in on what is going on with you, in most cases they will be understanding. Also, make sure that you make the reason you are not having sex about you and your needs, and not about your partner’s failings. This will prevent hurt feelings and protect the relationship.

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