Make a Rabbit Your Next Vibe Purchase

What a better way to take advantage of the Adam and Eve high end vibrators you have been eyeing up? Rabbit vibrators can be a bit of an investment, with some costing upwards of $200. At the Adam and Eve adult toy site, you can now afford to purchase one of the best sex toys on the market.

Rabbit vibrators have been growing in popularity for years, thanks to women’s sitcoms and the mainstream appearance of sexual health experts. In addition to the traditional internal vaginal vibration movements you find in typical vibes, there is also the added sensation of a smaller probe which concentrates its movement onto a woman’s clitoris. Many women aren’t able to achieve vaginally stimulated orgasms, so the secondary clit vibrations offered by rabbit vibrators can make the ‘big O’ that much more attainable. The first shops you should check out are the Adam and Eve stores.

The variety of rabbit vibrators at Adam and Eve stores span all levels of budgets. You can purchase a very basic model such as the Black Velvet Clit Vibrator, which is a bare-bones model that is waterproof and battery operated. As these vibes go up in price, you will find additional features designed to elicit much more pleasure. The Wascally Wabbit vibrator has beads in the shaft of the unit which stimulate the walls of the vagina, as well as a wired remote control. If you are looking for the top of the line rabbit vibrators offered at Adam and Eve adult toy stores, check out the Triple Orgasm French Kiss Vibrator. This deluxe model includes a G-spot stimulator, spinning beads, clitoral suction, and an additional probe to stimulate your back end.

These types of vibrators are worth their weight in gold for some women. While they are great for the single lady who needs a bit more excitement than what her bare fingers can provide, these rabbits can also be used by couples who are looking to get a bit friskier with their sexual exploration. Some men may use the rabbit to stimulate their partner while their own penis is being occupied elsewhere. Other men like to watch as their lady pleases herself, putting on a show for her partner.

Whatever reason you have to purchase an Adam and Eve adult toy, by using the discount provided by the Adam Eve coupon can mean that you can look into getting a model a with a few more bells and whistles that you initially anticipated.