Mature Sex – Challenges as You Age

It’s an old wives tale that we have to get less sexual as we get older. Yes, we may have a few more challenges to getting in the mood or finding comfortable positions in which to get it on but the beauty of it is that we also learn to slow down and smell the roses. We learn to truly appreciate the act and our partner with age in a way that we couldn’t have when we were younger. Also, by this point most of us know exactly what we like and what we don’t like. This means we should also have the confidence in ourselves to communicate these desires. Truly, there does not have to be any bullshit after about 40. Experience brings knowledge and understanding of our relationships and how sex fits into it. Most people report that sex does indeed become more fulfilling emotionally with age.

A recent study found that men and women enjoy sex well into their 80s. Much longer than originally thought. Researchers interviewed over 3,000 older adults and found 84% of men and 62% of women between 57 and 64 were sexually active with another person within the last year.

Out of those, more than two thirds reported having sex with another person at least 2 times per month into their 70s and 50% were having that frequency into their 80s. Right on!mature sexThe following are a few of the most common challenges faced as we age and some of my suggested solutions:

Challenge: Body stiffness, back issues.
Solution: Sex Furniture, swings and other aids help you get into any position without pain.

Challenge: Enriching your sex life
Solution: Tantra can help someone of any age gain more control over his or her orgasmic experience and deepen their bond to their partner.

Challenge: Erectile Issues
Solution: Before you reach for that little blue pill, try cock rings and penis pumps to give you stamina.

Challenge: The same ol’boring sex
Solution: Introducing Sex Toys can be a way to find new ways to stimulate her (hello, G-Spot) and for you to enjoy the health benefits of prostate stimulation.

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