Morning Sex – Why Men in Particular Want It

As a conscientious being, when I think of morning sex, the first thing that comes to mind is a half groggy, bad breathed, bed headed nightmare. But, still, I want it. Badly. I am so horny in the morning, it is not even funny. Thankfully, there is a legitimate reason for men to be sex crazed in the morning, other than just being dirty pervs. “That’s when testosterone levels peak,” says Harry Fisch, MD, author of Size Matters, “and testosterone is a leading contributor to sexual feelings in men.” Also, men tend to wake up with morning erections since blood flow to the penis is increased during sleep. Men also tend to have more stamina and energy in the morning, so their sexual performance should be at its peak.

Morning sex

So, how can we manage to have morning sex without making a big production number out of it? Is it a mood killer if we excuse ourselves to brush our teeth and comb our hair (not to mention go to the bathroom first)? Hopefully not. Just don’t spend too much time. My feeling is if we can brush our teeth and do simple grooming in 5 minutes or less, it doesn’t kill the mood. However, I have waited and waited and waited for my girlfriend to do her morning routine, and really by the time we got to the sex, I honestly would have preferred to jerk off.

I would love to hear your experiences with morning sex! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

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