My Experiences with the We Vibe

I’m pretty experienced when it comes to sex toys. I’ve had pretty much every variation of vibrator around, from the low end bullets to the high end toys that will cost you half a mortgage payment. My husband has his share of toys as well – pumps, prostate massagers, pocket pussies and even a few of those life-size ass toys that he can have sex with when I’m not really in the mood. I was searching for something different that we hadn’t experienced yet when I came across the We-Vibe III Remote Control.

We Vibe

I was unsure how it worked, at first, so after doing some searching, I found a video that details that this is the type of vibe that you wear while you have sex with your partner. There is a narrower arm to the vibrator which you insert into your vagina, and it presses against your g-spot for stimulation. The other arm of the vibe rests against your clit, giving you that additional stimulation. I was sceptical at first – wearing a vibe while my hubby is penetrating me? Was he going to fit in there alongside a vibrator? Wouldn’t the toy just pop out when he pulls out of me with each stroke?

My curiosity got the best of me and we decided to try it the night it arrived in the mail. After a quick clean and a bit of lube, it was easy to slip it in. Some more lube on my husband and soon enough I was filled with him and the We-Vibe. I’ve got to tell you, the sensation took some getting used to, but once I got chilled out, and started to enjoy the experience, the We-Vibe came into its own. There was some shifting around when my husband was pounding in and out of me, but not enough that it interrupted his flow. He said that the vibrations even helped him along, and made things a more enjoyable for him.

If you’re going to get this, I do suggest you get a decent lube to go along with it. If you’re like me, any kind of new scenario sometimes dries you right out, and that’s not what you need with this kind of toy. It’s not as necessary if you’re going to use it solo, but if you plan on taking this toy to its full potential and use it during intercourse, get as wet as you can be!