Naughty Bedroom Games You Should Try

Nothing spells death for a relationship like a boring sex life. Sure, talking with a partner is nerve-wracking, but the rewards might be mind-blowing orgasms, again and again. Satisfaction starts with communication. Scared off by the big “C” word? Don’t be. Commitment and communication are worlds apart. Sure, you can’t have commitment without communication, but communication doesn’t mean wedding bells.

Start simple. Share a fantasy or two. Bedroom games start in your head. Use sexy talk to get you and your partner in the right head space. Find out about their favorite fantasy and offer a trade. It may remind you of the school yard, you do mine and I’ll do yours, but fair is fair. The best sex happens when everyone reaches a stunning peak.

naughty bedroom gamesBedroom Fun and Games

A little role play goes a long way toward upping the sexual tension. Really get into character and urge your partner to do the same. Pretending to be someone else, complete with costumes, totally changes the bedroom dynamic. Naughty nurse, bad cop, hooker and teacher/student are hot fantasies that many couples enjoy in the bedroom. ( Impose a penalty for breaking character. A sexy spanking or a trade of sexual favors is a great way to keep you both focused on the game.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Kinky

For most people a bit kinky is just that, a bit. Talking about a little kink is not going to get you tied up and whipped. Many couples enjoy anal play and using toys before, during and after sex, with no bruises needed. Go shopping with your partner and turn the experience into foreplay. Teasing him/her with possible purchases and experiences is a great way to get keyed up for the sexy fun ahead. Wrist cuffs, blind folds and edible powders are all the ingredients you need to dip a toe into the kinkier side.  Check it out, you might like it a lot or you might not.

Check out Adult Merchandise

If role play isn’t your thing, and a spanking leaves you cold, check out some adult games. Sex dice combine body parts and actions on every roll, while replacing chips with clothing currency is a time-honored way to play poker. Sex: The Card Game or Cosmo’s Truth or Dare are other great options. These games offer suggestions for foreplay, positions and romantic surprises. Using sexual favors as IOUs is a great way to bring sex out of the bedroom. Did he forget to take out the garbage? An IOU for 15 minutes of oral is a great way to say “sorry.” Did she forget to pick up the dry cleaning? Well, nothing says “oops” like a surprise blow job.

Have fun with sex, and never be afraid to talk with a partner about unfulfilled needs or sexy fantasies.