Nina Hartley Bi Curious Part 1

Are you a bicurious woman? Watch this video where adult pornstars Nina Hartley and Justin Jolie talk about having an attraction of the same sex!

Justin Jolie: Bet your spanking you can’t guess what we’re going to talk about today?

Nina Hartley: Okay, I’ll buy.

Justin Jolie: Darn, you caught it on the first try?

Nina Hartley: Caught what?

Justin Jolie: That we’re going to talk about bi curious women today?

Nina Hartley: You just want a spanking. Hello all you adventurers gals at home and all you guys who loved this. My friend Justin is correct! Our topic for today is sex for the bicurious woman. And I have the perfect companion with whom to discuss the subject, Justin Jolie. I think you could safely say that Justin who specializes in making love to other girls on video is bicurious.

Justin Jolie: Yes. I’m very curious to know when I get to the bi part with you!

Nina Hartley: Patience Darling. First we have some explaining to do.

Justin Jolie: That’s right. We know there are lots of women out there who could use a little advice when it comes to exploring their interest in sex with the fellow female.

Nina Hartley: Between us, we’ve had many sexual encounters with other women and we’d love to share some about what we’ve learn with all of you. But before we could get to the specifics, these are some important you should consider about our real needs and desires and our feeling s about them.

Justin Jolie: I’ve always been attracted to other girls but I can tell you, getting from attracted to the specifics can be complicated.

Nina Hartley: We’re lucky to live in a time when opportunity for sexual experimentation between women have never been greater and obstacles lower than they are now. In fact, sex between women has become downright trendy in everything from afternoon talk shows to late night of cable sitcoms. I suggest those images of women with other women occurred in fashion advertising instead of classic celebrity are routine far for checkout stand tabloids.

In our culture that’s driven by fast, packaged from mass consumption, even sex isn’t immune to trendiness. When we see popular mainstream actresses dressed up as domain actresses we can ascend of how subcultures can be marketed to mainstream audiences. Advertising and other commercial media understand the value of something that appears edgy daring. So they check out everything from hip-hop to Goth are sort of something fresh to help them sell their wares to the public.

Justin Jolie: Don’t you think that adult videos has something to do with that?

Nina Hartley: Indirectly I suspect that it might , I don’t think that women who isn’t bicurious is going to become so from watching two women have fun in a video. But the natural desire for that kind of fun if it’s already present the first time a woman see for real what the possibility on a cable channel, the possibility to trying one for herself might seem a little less intimidating.