Nina Hartley Bi Curious Part 2

Here’s the continuation of the video where adult pornstars Nina Hartley and Justin Jolie talk about having an attraction of the same sex!

Justin Jolie: Don’t you think it’s just easier for women to express physical affection for one another than this for men to?

Nina Hartley: Absolutely, and in our culture, men are saying about having physical contact with other men starting from the very early age. Women? Are like to hug, kiss, hold hands, walk arm in arm. And since the whole society is obsessed to feminine beauty, we are allowed to admire each other. Of course the unfortunate part of our culture is fascination with women as object of erotic desire is the competition that process between us but also makes it difficult for us to trust one another which can make emotion intimacy seem risky.

Justin Jolie: It is risky. I’ve had some feelings hurt by girls before.

Nina Hartley: And so have I. That fear of being hurt is one of the factors that keep many women from ever allowing themselves to realize their bisexual fantasies.

Justin Jolie: And there’s a question of who makes the first move?

Nina Hartley: That’s right. Men are taught to be the sexual instigators and women socialize to be receptive which means that for a lot of women approaching this subject to sex is considered the man’s job. There’s a whole lot to overcome before that first passionate kiss with the member of your own sex. There is more than worth the effort.