Nina Hartley: Sex Party Part 3

Adult Porn Veteran, Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole continue explore the ultimate sex party fantasy. Find out what you should consider before having that fantasy sex party.

Nina: As a woman, I know I have the physical equipment to enjoy sex with several men at one time. A man can certainly improvise the moves to do the same with several women. But first, either one would have to get past the natural inhibition of your concerns

Adrianna: Such as?

Nina: As a woman my first priority would be physical safety. Women are conditioned to see groups of men as potentially threatening in a sexual situation. And for every good reason.

Adrianna: It sure wouldn’t be very hard for a group of men to overpower 1 woman and do pretty much whatever they wanted with her?

Nina: And that might a hot fantasy, in your head but in real life you need to see opposite certain circumstances for your ultimate sex party to be a fun and risk free experience. The first thing you need is the inner confidence to know that you can and will be in charge of whatever happens. And the communication skills to make that crystal clear to your partners.

Adrianna: Wouldn’t that just be just to strew for a man?

Nina: Absolutely, men have their ideas. If a woman might be intimidated by the prospect of having a bunch of men do what they want to her, a man might be a bit worried by his ability to satisfy a variety of female partners at the same time. In both cases, a relationship of trust and clear recognition of limits must be firmly in place by the hostess or host.

Adrianna: Sounds to me like the guest list would have to be one of the first things to consider

Nina: Just so. While in our imagination, we may be intrigued by the notion of taking up a group of strangers. What we really need are friends or lovers we know and trust to treat us with care and respect. If we have a regular partner who is going to be entering our party, that who we need to share our desires and plans with first. We’ll need either her help or support to bring off our grand scheme. Otherwise we might only find our party a fizzle and may create relationship and haunt us ever after