Part One: Nina Hartley’s Sex Party

What is your greatest sexual fantansy? Can you turn it into reality? Adult Porn Veteran, Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole explore the ultimate sex party fantasy.

Nina: What if you could have your wildest come true. I mean something really new, different and challenging. I’m Nina Hartley and I am here with my friend Adrianna Nicole to invite you to your very own ultimate sex party.
Adrianna: Where do I RSVP?
Nina: You already have darling. A bit later on you’ll get to show our viewers a little glimpse of what is possible with the help of your vivid imagination, a willingness to overcome some basic inhibitions and the help of a few good friends.
Adrianna: Very good in the hands first.
Nina: That is exactly why we are both here. Before attempting bold ambitious sexual adventures, it is important to understand how exactly, what is involved and reach our own decision about what we really want to do.
Adrianna: This suspense is already making me wet.
Nina: Just wait. It gets better. In our previous sex guide series, we’ve explored flinging, threesomes, DP’s and other forms of group sex activities. But until now, we have mainly discussed small intimate encounters involving just a few people or close playmates. Today, we are going to expand these concepts, to take on something truly exciting and rather daring. Won’t be for everybody but truly adventurous sexual pioneers have probably already considered it.
Adrianna: I think I’m beginning to get the idea.
Nina: Why didn’t that surprise me? Let’s suppose, you could have a party for yourself and invite anyone you wanted to just do anything you wanted them to do.
Adrianna: Wow! Would I get to have sex with all of them?
Nina: That is what I had in mind (chuckles).
Adrianna: Let me see. It would be fun to have all of my girlfriends over but that might just turn into a big slumber party. If I had my unrestricted choice, I think I would invite all of my favorite men. I mean not too many of them, just a few I really enjoy playing with.
Nina: And that is the very possibility that we are going to look at here today. Both men and women have at one time or another, fantasized about getting unarmed with the whole room of the opposite sex. I know that many of our viewers have even watched videos for such scenarios that have been acted and wondered if they could try the same scenario by themselves.
Adrianna: Can they?
Nina: Under the right circumstance with the right people and the correct carefully established limits, both men and women can make this fantasy come true safely and pleasurable.
Adrianna: Wow! That’s going to be a real mind blower for a lot of people to even consider
Nina: Absolutely. That is why we are going to discuss the idea in considerable detail before we move on to actually showing how it can be done in real life.