Part Two: Nina Hartley’s Sex Party

Adult Porn Veteran, Nina Hartley and Adrianna Nicole continue explore the ultimate sex party fantasy. Check out a few tips to make this fantasy become an enjoyable reality.

Nina: Frequently, situations in which a single woman or man takes on a whole room full of partners often trade in an exploitative light with the individual passed around, used and sometimes abused by the group

Adrianna: That sounds all too familiar

Nina: And that is just the opposite of what we are talking about here today. In the kind of party that we intend to create, it the host or hostess who makes the rules, chooses the guest list and devices whatever games are going to be played.

Adrianna: I bet that is more fun than the other kind.

Nina: Not to mention a whole lot safer and easier on the mind and bodies of those involved. From a purely physical point of view, both men and women are capable of pleasing and being pleased by not just one or two partners but several at the same time. However for that to happen in a way that satisfies all concerned, we have to satisfy our fantasies for a moment and consider the practical realities of such a situation. It is fun to feel overwhelmed and pressured in every possible way. And if you like your giving is good as you are getting, that works best when you know you are really in control of what happens.

Adrianna: In other words a great sex party of this kind doesn’t just happen

Nina: Quite the opposite. It is about making the right plans in advance and being everybody understands them and sticking with those plans to the end. If everybody plays along just right, the results will be an unforgettable, incredibly exciting experience for all.

Adrianna: So where do we start?

Nina: In our own minds of course. First, we have to decide whether we are really up to such a situation and if so how we would like it to unfold in real life. It is one thing to imagine yourself an excited naked woman in a room full of hard cocks or a lone stud in a harem of beautiful babes waiting to please you. It is quite another to work out the practical aspects of actually making such things happen. First you have to analyze your own emotional responses to the prospects