Seduce Him In The Shower

Slipping into the shower with your man is one of the top rated seduction scenarios that men dream about. If you’re stuck for ideas beyond soaping up and rubbing against your man, Adam and Eve have gathered 4 guys to tell us what gets them rock hard and wanting more when their lover joins them in the shower.

Seduce Him In The ShowerEli – I love it when my wife and I stand so that the shower is flowing between the two of us. We hold each other in an embrace, letting the water spray on our nipples. We both have VERY sensitive nips, so this gets us both super-hot in a matter of seconds. Then we pull in for a kiss under the flow, letting the hot water run on our faces while we make out.

Anthony – Shower blowjobs can be a bit difficult, since the running water can kind of get in the way of breathing. The simple thing that my girl has learned is that if the shower head is directed at my back, the majority of the water flows down my back and ass, and only a small amount makes it around to her mouth. It’s just enough water to help make things more slippery, but not enough that I need to worry about doing mouth-to-mouth for any rescue related reasons.

Kyle – When my guy gets his hands all soapy and plays with my balls, I just about cum right there. Soap gives you a certain kind of lubrication that you don’t get with regular lube. It always starts off as him playing with my sack, but it soon turns to other actions that rarely end when the shower is done!

Kahmal – My girl does this thing where she touches me everywhere except my cock and balls. She’ll do the ‘rub up against me’ thing on my back, and have her hands travel all over my body. By the time she gets to my thighs, I’m so hard that you could hang the washcloth on my cock. Sometimes the biggest turn on is ignoring the obvious.
Well, Adam and Eve readers, what is your ultimate shower fantasy? Make sure to comment below, or let us know on our Twitter and Facebook pages!