Sex In Public

Sex in public: fun or impossible? It seems like it can go two ways. For one, you have to think its fun or else it will be impossible. If you don’t have the courage to strip in public and sneak between some walls or in an alley to get it on then it won’t work – you’ll be too worried that someone might be watching or worse catch you in the act. Around the world the statute for indecent exposure is different.

In different parts of the world different parts of the body are totally cool to expose in public. In most parts of America the moral standards are too high and its best keep your clothes on – the same for England and most Arab countries. But in France, showing a little nip is totally okay.

But what about sex? Its common knowledge that having sex in public is a big no, but isn’t that what makes it so alluring? Plenty of people will tell you that they are exhibitionists, but when it finally comes down to it will they walk the walk?

Here are some great places – nooks and crannies – that I’ve found are perfect to sneak away for a little public nooky.

1. The Beach – On every beach there is a lifeguard station – at least one of them will be empty. If you can’t get inside – trying sneaking below and be sure to bring a towel, because those floors can get splintery! Rocks are good too – try sneaking behind some rocks – not on the rocks – see if you can’t let the waves lick your feet a little. And lastly, you can always use the car in the parking lot if you have some good tinted windows!

2. Alleys – Try sneaking into the doorway of a delivery entrance – if you are in a major city there is bound to be a good alley. Be sure you’ve had a good meal and are well rested, because this will take some standing up!

3. Museum – In every museum there is a dark corner, a bathroom, or an exhibit in the works that is the perfect place to get it on. Usually weekdays are best because it isn’t totally packed.

Hope these tips help and remember to have courage. This can be exciting!


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