Sex Toys and the Disabled

Just because someone has physical limitations, it doesn’t mean that they can’t fully enjoy their sexuality. And sex toys can be a great way for individuals and couples affected by disability to not only get their groove on but to actually assist in the sex act.

The Original Venus Butterfly

This product is a great option for hands free vibration. The straps are adjustable, which allows for perfect placement every time. This option is great for anyone with limited hand or arm mobility. It allows for constant clitoral stimulation no matter what the position.

First Time Flexi-Rocker

The great thing about this vibe is that its flexible shaft bends into whatever placement you desire. This allows for stimulation from odd angles and can alleviate joint stress.  A bonus is that it is also great for targeting the g-spot while still allowing for clitoral stimulation through its dual design.

Basix Universal Harness

Harnesses are a fabulous tool to use for a multitude of limitations. There are versions that men who have erectile dysfunction can use to assist their penis in penetration. There are harnesses that go around the thigh for those who have limited pelvic mobility. Double ended dildos when used with a harness can even be helpful because of the flexibility and length.

Adam and Eve Magic Massager

The Adam and Eve Magic Massager is a tried and true design that helps reach even the most difficult areas to stimulate. It can be used not only directly on the clitoris but also other erogenous zones that may have heightened sensation due to an injury or limitation. For instance, there have been some people who have trained themselves to have orgasms through nipple or skin sensations when their genitals have been affected by a spinal injury.magic massagerJimmy Jane Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator

This vibe is easy to use in almost any sexual situation; in fact it serves as a second skin. This is actually the only wearable vibrator designed for internal and external use. It perfect for avoiding hand and wrist fatigue and can be used in conjunction with penetration.

Sizzle Vibrating Penis Enhancer

For men who have a difficult time maintaining or getting an erection, a penis sleeve may be just what the doctor ordered. While it also enhances length and girth, it assists him in staying hard; while providing extra vibration for he and his partner.

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