Should You Warn Your Partner You’re A Squirter

Every so often, we get sex questions posted to us through the Adam and Eve Twitter and Facebook accounts. Today, we’re bringing one to you. Sarah, a 25-year-old grad student, has asked us the following:

“I’ve recently realized I’m a squirter – that when I cum, a liquid (not urine) comes out of me, and drips all over my lover. Sometimes, when the orgasm is particularly strong, is a full-on spray. Do I warn my potential lovers that this may happen? I’m afraid they’ll think I’m peeing on them if I don’t, but I also have no idea how to bring this up in a conversation.”Should You Warn Your Partner Youre A SquirterWe took the question to our elite team of sexual researchers for their opinions. While we’d like to think that our staff at Adam and Eve are quite the sexperts, we’d love to hear your advice for Sarah, either below in the comments, or through the Twitter and Facebook account.

“I think I’d wait until the action stated. I’m thinking that you usually lay down towels or something like that? I’m a squirter too, and made the mistake of not letting a love know once, or preparing for it. I made a big mess of his bed when I had a really powerful orgasm. Thankfully, he was so turned on by it that he really didn’t  care, and we laughed about it when we stripped the sheets. Now, we just grab a towel before we play. It’s part of our routine – strip down, get the condom, grab the towel.” – Casey

“You do need to tell him. What would happen if he was going down on you at the time? It would be quite the surprise. I’d just let it be part of the whole dirty-talk thing. Something like, ‘Oh, just to let you know, I’m a squirter.’ I would think that most guys would know what you’re talking about.” – Alana

“I think it depends on the guy. If he seems the type that wouldn’t get freaked out by that sort of thing, just go with it. It’ll be a cool surprise for him. If he’s not that knowledgeable, though, you might have to explain what happened after the fact, which may be a bit embarrassing. They should talk about squirting in Sex Ed classes so all guys know it exists!” – Rachel

“I’d want to know, that’s for sure. Just tell me. Like Alana said, have it be part of the whole sexual conversation. I don’t think I’d be upset if I didn’t know, but I’d prefer to know it ahead of time. Think of it this way – if a guy took out his cock and came all over your face, you’d be a bit surprised. Some girls would love it, some wouldn’t mind, and some would be completely disgusted. You’d want to at least talk about something like that beforehand, so gauge where your partner stands. “ – Anthony

“Just squirt – who cares?” – Mike

So, Adam and Eve readers – what’s your opinion on Sarah’s dilemma? Should she advise her lovers she’s a squirter? If so, how should she go about it?