Squirting Secrets Revealed

Hi I’m Dr. Kat and I’m here to talk about female ejaculation a.k.a squirting. One of the number one questions that I get through my website is that, what is female ejaculation, how can I do it, or how can I do it less? It really runs the gamut. Basically female ejaculation is the expulsion of liquid through the vagina.

There are some conjectures that’s far as where the liquids are coming from and exactly what it’s made up of. Usually it’s a result of stimulating the g-spot. The g-spot is about 2 inches into the vagina on the upper wall. So if you insert your fingers and kind of create a hook there, that’s what going to be like access to the g-spot. Now all women do have a g-spot. That’s been part of the myth, that some people have struggled do they, don’t they have it. All women do, its tend to be bundle of nerves that when stimulated elicits a g-spot orgasm. Now some women will squirt, some women will not. It really doesn’t matter because all women do have a capacity to have a g-spot orgasm. I also suggest that if you don’t want to do the finger thing, that you find a really nice toy that targets the g-spot, makes it a lot easier. With this toy, the curve and the little nub on the end here actually helps you target the g-spot so that you can continue the stimulation.

Now the trick is some women get the urgency to actually urinate while they’re being stimulated. I tell most women to just kind of let that play out, you’re not actually going to urinate because if you just give yourself enough time, that stimulation will turn into a pleasurable g-spot orgasm which is different from a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. The only complaint that I get from women is that they end up ruining sheets. So whether it’s putting down some plastic or some towels, you may ejaculate a little bit or a lot, doesn’t really matter. Just means that the g-spot orgasm is what you’re really going for. If you ejaculate, great. And some guys really love it too. So I would suggest you take a toy, try the g-spot stimulation and if you squirt great, but the whole point is you get a really fabulous orgasm.