Surviving The Holidays – 3 Tips To Making It Through December With Your Relationship Intact

December can be a stressful time for couples. You may just be getting over any issues that cropped up during Thanksgiving, such as a not-so-great first meeting with your partner’s parents, dealing with long-distance separation when you spend it apart, or a spell of homesickness when you both decide to spend it together rather than with your families. There’s the stress around the finances of Christmas, and making sure that the bills get paid while ensuring that you have the perfect gift to give to your other half. Then there’s the drunken Christmas parties, the crowds at the mall, and any number of other little issues that can add up to be big fights around the holiday season. Adam and Eve has gathered up advice from near and far and condensed them into three basic steps to making sure that you and your partner survive the rest of the year with your relationship intact.

1. Go with the flow – Unexpected things can crop up this time of the year that can put a wrench in the best laid plans. Maybe you and your partner arranged that Thanksgiving would be spend with your parents, and Christmas with his, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible. The key with issues like this is not to take it personally. When circumstances are out of our control, we look for someone to blame, and sometimes the easiest ones to make the bad guy are the ones we love. At the end of the day, you do love each other, no matter who’s house you unwrap your gifts at, and who’s party you’ll be attending when the ball drops.

2. Communicate in positive ways – Lay out your expectation as soon as you are able to. You may be invited to five different holiday parties in the span of two weeks. If your partner is anything like mine, that’s four more than he wants to go to. Let your other half know which ones are absolutely necessary for him to attend, and which ones he can opt out of. Also keep in mind that while you are a couple, you don’t need to go everywhere together. He probably won’t miss out too much if he doesn’t go to Auntie Sarah’s tree trimming party, but he might want to go to your cousin Mark’s New Year’s Eve football party. Compromise works on both ends as well, so make sure that your partner is aware of the things you have set aside to make sure he is happy as well. That way no one feels that they are making all the sacrifices that the other is getting away scot free.

3. Enjoy each other’s company – The holidays can sometimes seem that it’s about everyone other than the two of you. Make sure you take a few moments to spend quality time with one and other. Keep the sparks going to battle down the December stresses. Show him how much you love and desire him when you get the chances. Make the kind of memories together that you’ll be discussing when you’re old and grey. Yes, the holiday season is a time where you can see long lost friends and family, but don’t fail to spend enough time and attention on your partner. You don’t want the second week in January to arrive and feel like you haven’t been a couple for the last eight weeks!