Swingers Club Manners For The Newbies

Are you ready to take the next step in your polyamorous relationship and head out to a swinger’s club or swinging party? If you’ve never been to one before, there are a certain level of ‘rules’ involved. Especially if you are new to the swinging scene, establishing that you are a serious couple who are willing to play by the rules is an important part of acceptable. Here are swinging manners to keep in mind when heading out to your first swinger’s club.

  • Come as a couple, and leave as a couple. There should be no reason why one of you leaves the event alone, leaving the other behind. Also don’t go to a club where only one of you intends to swing. You’re in this together, so you should both be prepared to enjoy yourselves! (This non-swinging partner is often called a ‘ticket’, as many clubs require all entrants to be couples.)
  • Bring appropriate clothing. If it’s a theme night, be sure to dress in the theme. Otherwise, a robe, slip on lingerie, boxer shorts and other comfortable clothes will make the evening more enjoyable. Arrive in casual clothing – usually there are places to change when you enter the club. Most will provide lockers, but it’s best to leave your valuables at home. Swingers Club Manners For The Newbies
  • You have the right to refuse any invitations to swing that you do not wish to take part in. Be polite, but firm. (So rather than saying “maybe later”, say “no thank you”.) This also goes the other way – anyone you invite to join your lovemaking also has the right to say no. Don’t try to coax them or convince them to take part.
  • Group rooms are open and you can expect others to ask your permission to join in. If you would like a more private setting, use the private rooms at your club. These area often curtained off areas where groups can have a more intimate experience.
  • Don’t become a ‘cruiser’ and disturb other private room activities. This includes moving the curtains to get a better look, turning on the lights, or asking to join in on a private session.
  • If the club is BYOB (bring your own bottle) only drink what you have brought unless you have permission from the bottle’s owner. Do not bring anything illegal into a swinger’s club.
  • Let the hosts / staff know if there is a guest who is not behaving himself. This includes not taking ‘no’ for an answer, causing problems in private areas, or just being disruptive. The staff wants to make the experience pleasurable for all, and sometimes that means removing disruptive guests.
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