Ten Things To Never Say After Sex

So you’ve done the deed and now the two of you are lying in bed. We brought together a panel of single men and women and asked them what they absolutely didn’t want to hear after they had sex. We’re not talking little annoyances – we’re talking about statements that would cause them to get up and leave right away! Here’s a sample of what our singles had to say.

“Don’t try and dig out a compliment on your sexual performance. If he liked it, he’ll let you know one way or another. It’ll either make you look needy, self-centered, or both!” – Leah, 29

“While you might think it would be nice to let your lover know that you wish you two could have gone ‘all night long’, more than likely he’ll take it as an insult to his duration!” – Luke, 31

“Saying ‘That’s not what I expected’ without any clarification at all is just asking for trouble.” – Keeley, 24

“Whatever you do – don’t bring up his mother! I don’t care if all the sex is done and you’re dying to know her brownie recipe. Leave all talk of the mom until multiple hours after the sex is done!” – Brian, 22

“Don’t call it ‘nice’ either. Sex and the word ‘nice’ really don’t go together well. It brings up images of trying to convince your grandmother that the kitty sweater she got you for Christmas is what you always wanted.” – Daisy, 27

“I know that we’re talking about what not to say after sex, but how about saying nothing at all? Isn’t that just as bad as saying the wrong thing? You want some kind of feedback. To me, silence usually means something is very wrong!” – April, 41Ten Things To Never Say After Sex“How about ‘Hurry up – my girlfriend will be home soon!’” – Rhea, 36

“I once joked with a girl and asked her how I was in the sack. Her reply was that I was ‘in her top 25’. She was only 20 years old…” – Emilio, 24

“I’ve heard ‘Don’t worry – we can work on those oral sex skills.” Can’t say I ever met up with her again!” – Elana, 34

“I’ve seriously had a woman ask me AFTER we were done having sex if I used a condom. Yes, of course I did, but wouldn’t that be one of those things you ask about BEFORE having sex? Also – she couldn’t tell that I had a rubber on?” – Abe, 27

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