Testicles Need Love Too

Love them, hate them or simply in wonder of them, testicles play an important role in the sex act and they shouldn’t be left out of all of the pleasure. If you ask most men about their testicles and perineum (that little patch of skin between the top of the testicular sack and the anus), most would say that they would love for their partners to spend more time in the area. While most women shy away from the area because they think they might hurt him if fondled too much or yes, sadly many women find them gross. I say hike up your panties sister and get down with this marvelous piece of male anatomy. Here are a few suggestions for loving those balls oh, so right.

Get Familiar

Get down there and inspect these little marvels for what they are. They are the center of the universe when it comes to making babies, semen and hormones.

Handle With Care

How the guy wants to have their testicles handled varies greatly. Some are definitely more sensitive than others. Sensitivity may also depend on whether he shaves them or not.Testicles Need Love TooTechniques

  • Cupping his balls during orals.
  • Nibbling the scrotum. Front to back and in between the testicles.
  • Gently pulling the testicles (this may or may not be ok if he is just about to orgasm)
  • Licking the perineum. If you don’t want to get into a whole rim job while giving oral but you want to excite him with the idea that you might. Just pay some attention to his dear ol’taint.
  • Fully taking his testicles into your mouth. It’s a whole new way to suck him off. Go slow and work up to the suction of your powerful mouth.
  • Caressing his testicles as he is penetrating you. Yep, do a little reach around. Many guys love this sensation as it makes them feel like there might be another partner in the room for a little ménage a trois. Really I have been told this more than once.

Well, there you have the secrets to testicle worship. Go forth and explore!

 is the resident sexologist at Adam & Eve and also runs a private practice and media consulting business. She has a Doctorate from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Her professional affiliations include AASECT, SSSS, and the American Board of Sexologists. She also has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and completed a postgraduate degree in Marriage, Family and Addictions Recovery Therapy.

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