The Benefits of Having Sex in The Shower

Hi I’m Dr. Kat and I’m here to talk about the benefits of having sex in the shower. I know you got a few rug rats running around or you got a house full of roommates that just never seem to leave, the bathroom can be one of the few places where you can get a little privacy. Especially with the muffled sounds with the running water and hopefully you got a good door lock in the bathroom. It’s a great place to enjoy a little masturbatory exploration or if you are going to enjoy partnered sex, you can kind of mix it up that way too.

Be sure that you incorporate the sex toys that are waterproof and you can incorporate massage with various oils and soaps, make sure they’re non-irritating. And there are many positions that you can enjoy in the shower. Whether it’s standing, sitting or squatting, just make sure you mix them in plenty of ways. It’s a great gateway to sex and cleanup in a snap. And this is one of the few times that I encourage you to drop the soap.