The Best Vibrators Over $100

Now, I know what you’re saying, who out there would spend over $100 on a vibrator? Well, the answer is more people than you would think. I usually advise clients that if they’ve been through several low-end vibrators over the years that it is indeed time to buy something that will last. If you masturbate or use a vibe in your lovemaking regularly, it really behooves you to ante up and get something good. So, without further ado, let’s give the pleasure that continues to give.

The We-Vibe Remote Control

We-Vibe came on the market a few years ago with a revolutionary vibrator to use during intercourse. You insert the We-Vibe for both internal and outer pleasure during penetration. This means you get both g-spot and clitoral vibes along with your partner’s penis. It truly is the best of all worlds.

Endless Pleasure Thrusting Vibrator

This vibe was designed for women who not only like the traditional sensation of vibration but who also crave thrusting action. This may be the vibe that feels most like you are having sex with a partner. Plus its dual modality allows for plenty of clitoral love too.The Best Vibrators Over $100

Bodywand Original Massager

There’s a reason why this design is tried and true. You get the benefit of a round supple head of vibration along with the most power any plug in vibrator can offer. It truly does pack a one-two punch. It’s long grip makes it easy to handle and it is even gives good back massages.

Embrace Body Wand

Now, you know I wouldn’t leave out a g-spot vibe. The revolutionary design of this wand allows you to penetrate with either end while also using it as a traditional clitoral massager. The Embrace is made from high-grade silicone while being super ergonomically friendly and versatile.

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