The Hair Down There – Bikini Waxing Styles

To shave, or not to shave – sometimes, that is the question! With summer starting to near, a lady’s mind starts to turn as to how to style herself ‘down there’. Sure, you can just shave it all off and be done with it, but you may not be fully aware of all the various styles and shapes that are currently fashionable in the lady-hair department. The team here at Adam and Eve have stepped out to find out the basics when it comes to female self-grooming, and are ready to share their findings with you!

Your typical bikini wax, frequently referred to as the ‘regular’ bikini wax, does a good job of neatening up the area in anticipation for swimwear. You may also see it referred to as an ‘American’ waxing. This style of waxing just removes the hairs that grow outside the bikini line – so, the thighs, the stomach, and the creases between your pubic area and your leg. This is the least invasive of the various hair-removal styles, and is a good first step for those venturing into the world of waxing.


The next level of waxing is often referred to as a ‘full’ bikini wax, where the hair is removed deeper into the bikini area. This will leave a larger border between your hair line, and the edge of the swimsuit. Often, the hair that is left with a full wax is shaped into a triangle, and is trimmed down short to eliminate any strays from showing themselves. This is another waxing style that is easier on the beginners, but may leave those with a bit more experience wanting less hair.

If you prefer to have more skin than hair, then a French wax is what you may be looking for. This is often referred to as a ‘landing strip’, and this eliminates all hair except for a short rectangle of hair on the mound. This leaves the labia completely hair-free, and is very popular with ladies who like to wear as skinny a bikini bottom as possible. In some instances, the French wax may remove additional hair that can’t be seen in most circumstances, such as hairs that grow in the perianal area (the space between the vagina and the anus). This is stepping up into the more intense experiences at the waxing salon, so you may want to try less invasive styles before working your way up to a French wax.

Complete removal of all hair in the public area by waxing goes under a few names, with the most popular being the Brazilian. You’re getting rid of all of your hair with this style of wax – legs, stomach, labia, perianal, and anal (yes, the hairs around your bottom). This is the preferred waxing style for ladies who wear g-string bikinis. Brazilians waxes may also be called ‘Sphinx’ or ‘Hollywood’ waxes. You’ll be as bare as a baby with this style of waxing, so make sure that you’re up to speed on the after care for bikini waxing, as this style may lead to the most issues if not cared for properly.