To Swallow or Not to Swallow

The age old question that has plagued relationships for centuries:  to swallow or spit out the foul tasting seed spewn from the loins of your lover? In truth, there is no harm in swallowing semen, unless your lover has an STD. If he has an STD, there is a much larger chance of him passing along to you.Hopefully, if you are getting this kind of freaky with someone, you have been with him long enough to have good reason to trust that he doesn’t.


ready to swallow

Many men would try to convince you that swallowing means that you care more, that you truly love him. What a load of you know what! Try this…if your lover is willing to passionately kiss you after oral sex and get his own handy work in his mouth, then swallow away. If he recoils from the thought of tasting his own ejaculate, then how can he be so brazen as to expect you to desire the experience? But, fair is fair, if he orally pleasures you, you need to be able to show the same affinity for smooching after the act is over.

So I say swallow away as long as your lover isn’t an ungrateful jerk.

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