Top Five Men’s XXXMas Wish List

Christmas comes once a year, but if it were up to your man, he’d be cumming more than once this holiday! Adam and Eve gathered up a panel of men this week to find out their dirtiest wishes for Christmas. Everything was open – the guys were told that set aside any thoughts that their other halves might not be into their wish, or up for their desires. We wanted to hear what they wanted for XXXMas this year. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up to the most popular wish.

Naughty Notes – This one surprised the women who were interviewing the men chosen to take part in this study group. The men all said that getting a sexually explicit note from their wives and girlfriends really turned them on and made them want to rip off her clothes at the first opportunity. One of the guys in the group said that his wife regularly sends him pornographic emails to his personal smartphone on a Wednesday afternoon, just when the day seems like it will never end. This gives him enough motivation to get the work day over and done with, so that he can get home as soon as possible to live out the little scene she typed up for him earlier in the day.

xxmas for men


Kinky Clothing for her – The guys all confirmed that men love the visual stimulation they get from seeing their significant others in something downright dirty and kinky – especially if they are the shy and quite type to start with. The age-old fantasy of a hot woman in a trench coat with a bustier, garter belt and stocking, and high heeled shoes underneath is very much still alive and kicking. Christmas is an excuse to break out all those naughty elf and dirty Mrs Claus costumes that the sex toy and underwear web sites start selling this time of the year.

Morning Hand Jobs – The fellas on the panel agreed that they all want their ladies to take advantage of their morning wood. They also agreed that a full on sex session in the mornings is great, but not always time-sensitive, especially for those mornings when they have to go to work. The hand job is a quick and somewhat clean way for their other halves to get them off without too much effort. It’s a great way to get him in a good mood for the rest of the day – especially if that day involved following their girlfriend around a crowded mall for several hours this afternoon getting the last of the Christmas shopping done!

Anal Sex – While some ladies my argue that the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive” may be up in the air for this item on our sexual Christmas wish list, the guys in the group were all about giving it to their ladies up the butt. A few even confessed that they enjoyed it when their women took a turn and were on the giving end of things, with the use of toys and clean fingers. This discussion was more of the more detailed of our session, with those guys who were pro-receiving attempting to break down the barriers that some men associate with receiving anal sex. By the time that the group had disbanded, I could tell that a couple of the men would be bringing this little tid bit up with their ladies later that night. And if any of you want to try it? Don’t forget to use Adam & Eve’s Ultimate Anal Lube to have a longer-lasting anal sex!

Blowjobs – hands down (no pun intended), the highest ranking XXXMas wish for the guys on our panel was the good ole fashioned BJ. But not just any ordinary blowjob, a ‘surprise’ oral sex session. Whether it was in the shower, while he’s washing the dishes, or when he’s in a zombie-like trance watching the football game, an unpredictable blow job was what our men wanted the most.