Turn Ons without The Sex – Those Sweet Little Things He Does

I’m lucky enough to have a man that can turn me on without even dropping his pants. I don’t mean in a sexual way, mind you. It’s more the small things he does every so often that just makes me glad to have him around. Ladies, this is one of those internet articles that you’re going to want to drop those subtle hints to your other half to read, since we all deserve these tiny little tricks to make us feel special.

A couple of times a month, he makes me a packed lunch for work. Usually, I get up earlier in the morning and make myself a sandwich for the work day. When he’s treating me, I wonder into the kitchen in my half-awake state and see that he’s already made my lunch for me, with a sweet little note that lets me know he was thinking about me. He never makes a boring old bologna sandwich. It’s always something yummy that he knows I love, like chicken caesar wraps with chocolate covered strawberries and hand-squeezed orange juice. There’s also always a little love note that brightens up my day.

On those stressful weeks, he always makes me laugh. Whether it’s being silly at home, or sending me random emails at work that just make me giggle, he knows when to try and help me chill out. One of the funnier things he does is upload a video to the internet (using a private setting, so that only I can see it) with him being silly that just gets me laughing out loud when I watch it on my phone. The best one yet was him putting together the a lunch for me, while pretending to be the Swedish Chef. Too silly for words!

He also uses that video-upload method to find different ways to tell me that he loves me, usually when he’s out of town on business, but has a few minutes off to pull something together quickly. Once it was “I Love You” spelled out in peanuts at the hotel bar, “I miss you” written in wet sand at the shore, or “Can’t wait to see you” arranged ransom-note style from letters he teared out of the magazines on the airplane.

Most days of the week, he’s out of the house around 15 minutes before I am. On those really chilly winter mornings, he always starts my car for me so that it’s warming up before I get into it. Not only do I have a toasty car to get into, I don’t have to spend 20 minutes defrosting and scraping the windshields since the car has already started defrosting itself. We have a spare set of keys, so he just locks the door before he leaves, and it’s safe from anyone coming along and helping themselves to my vehicle! This is also one of those opportunities that he takes to leave me little love notes.

There are so many little (and inexpensive) things that your man can do to make your day. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of encouragement to get there! It can be a simple as taking out the trash without asking, doing the laundry on a night where you’re swamped with work, or making your favorite dinner for no special reason what so ever!