Unlikely Celebrity Crushes

Everyone always talks about the Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Hemsworth brother crushes. But most of us harbor secret creepy crushes too. You know, the ones that you would never discuss with your partner or girlfriends because you are too embarrassed for anyone to know?

After getting some feedback from friends, followers and clients, here are a few of the more interesting unlikely celebrity crushes I’ve come across.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Whether it is the cadence of his voice or the quirky bodily gestures as he explains the Cosmos to us, Neil deGrasse Tyson is definitely many a nerd’s idea of a dream date. He’s not only one of the most intelligent men on the face of this pale blue dot but he seems to be warm and engaging too. Able to break down the abstract nature of science into a way that is not only palatable but his sense of humor brings a smile to our face too.

Unlikely Celebrity Crushes

John Waters

Ok, the dude is just weird and he seems to celebrate it. Anyone who could help to bring Divine to the masses must have a pretty unique nature. He’s gay? Well, so what. I feel the same way about Neil Patrick Harris. There is just something about Water’s sexual honesty and dark sense of humor that makes many women and men pine after him.

Jason Segel

From the moment he first flashed his awkward smile on Freaks and Geeks to his singing and dancing with small stuffed Muppets, Jason Segel won our hearts. He’s even open about his life long love affair with puppets – it wasn’t a fluke folks. Obviously Michelle Williams got the memo – at least for awhile.

David Byrne

Weird? Yes. Attractive? Of course. David Byrne not only burned down the house and made us all psycho killers but he’s an accomplished writer and artist. Anyone who is able to write a book extolling the virtues of riding his bike in different countries gets my vote.

Seth MacFarlane

Irreverent humor your cup of tea? Then you have probably laughed at something Seth MacFarlane has written, directed or produced. He’s got the good boy next-door looks with a mouth and wit that could make a sailor blush. Nothing is sexier than a funny guy. Round that out with the fact that he sings, voices many of his characters and is one of the executive producers of Cosmos and he seems to be one very well-rounded crush.

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