Unusual Places to Have Summer Sex

There isn’t much that tops summer sex. When the weather warms up and the leaves begin to blossom, it’s time to take the thing we love so much into the great outdoors. Summer isn’t just about BBQ’s, baseball games, and fireworks, it’s about exploring the reaches of our imagination, it’s about realizing that there’s a whole world out there waiting for us to see how kinky we can get around it. Letting our creativity go crazy is easy when the summer comes up, after all, sex in the snow can sometimes be a bit…difficult. Here are some unusual places to have summer sex when you feel like you’ve had your fill with the rooms in your home.

The Drive-In Theater

The drive-in theater used to be a fairly generic place to get some, but these days  they are a hot commodity. More than 80% of the drive-ins that were open 10 years ago have officially closed their doors, so finding one of these could be opportunity lost if you don’t get your hands down someone’s pants while watching some movie that came out 6 months ago. Stay away from the buttered popcorn, as that will make things a little too messy. Plus, if you can sneak into one of these when they’re closed, go right for the ledge that maintenance crews use to upkeep the screens.

summer sexThe Pitching Mound

You once threw your best fastball here when you were 12. You’ve watched your friends and family’s kids have their chance to strike out the number four batter. And no matter how exciting any of those moments were, nothing is going to top getting some from the mound of your favorite little league ball field. There’s no security here, and no one’s going to care if you’re hanging out (except maybe your local police). If things get a little boring out here, see what you can do in the dugouts…both of them. Remember, home team gets last licks.

Your Local Hiking Trail

Bring a blanket or this one could get dirty. It’s rare to run into other people on a hiking trail, and it’s going to take a little bit to get turned on given the fact that you’ll be worried about mountain lions and mosquitoes, but getting some on a trail that’s meant for day hikes can be an excellent spot for something new and exciting. The further out you hike, the brighter the stars will be, and you’ll definitely notice them no matter how wild you get. This one is for those who like to get a little rough, and the louder you keep it, the less you’ll be distracted by “noises” in the wilderness. Looking for a little more out of this one? Go for a night when there’s a full moon…that will make three of them.

Your Own Roof…or Your Neighbor’s

Get a little too rough and you’ll be crashing through little Johnny’s bedroom ceiling, but other than that the rooftop is an epic place if you can handle climbing up there. Plus, this is definitely one you don’t want to be doing when it’s cold out, so make sure to take advantage when you warm up a bit. If your roof is older, you may want to forgo this one, but if not, then we hope the roof is on fire inside of an hour.