Want a Better Sex Life? Give up the Soda!

Researchers at the University Department of Growth and Reproduction at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark uncovered an alarming side effect of soda while researching the effects of caffeine consumption on male sexuality and sperm count! The study group consisted of 2554 Danish army recruits. They received their caffeine from a variety of sources – coffee, tea, chocolate and cola. The results showed that those consuming the cola had on average a 30% lower sperm count than those who drank the coffee and tea or consumed a large amount of chocolate.

splash of coke

The amount of consumption it takes to create the lower sperm count is only 1 liter a day, which is only 33 ounces. Most of us drink more than that for breakfast.

Further research is really needed to figure out what exactly about the cola is causing the low sperm counts. Many believe that the sugar content of soda is leading to obesity which leads to serious deterioration of sexual performance and desire. Others believe it might be chemicals in the bottles and cans that soda is packaged in causing physiological changes. Whatever it is, it is just another reason that soda is bad news for the human body.

It is also important to note that the 30% decrease in sperm count is still considered within the clinical norms needed for fertilization. Also, lowered sperm count does not affect the amount of fluid a man produces in his ejaculate.

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