50 Shades of Sex Toys – The Official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

Yes, there is finally a sex toy line inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey book trilogy and endorsed by author EL James herself. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with  such a terrific toy line. Each toy doesn’t just have some label on it. They are specifically designed with the story line and sexual activity from the books that it seems everyone wants to experiment with – and the toys are high quality. They even aesthetically makes me think of Christian Grey himself. Not such a bad thing if you know what I mean. Here are my top five from the line that any beginner can start with but I suggest you check out the full offering here.

The “Pinch” Nipple Clamps

Who can forget Anastasia’s first encounter with njpple clamp play? I like that these are designed to adjust to anyone’s nipple size and shape. Plus the little beads that hang off of them give extra sensation as you move.

Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator

This unassuming vibe packs a lot of punch that specifically targets the G-Spot. Anastasia refers to her special sweet spot inside and we’re pretty sure she meant that she enjoyed the overwhelming sensation of G-Spot stimulation.

official 50shades toysYours/Mine Love Ring

This silicone cock ring has a clitoral stimulator that’s gets you both in the act. The stories don’t refer to cock ring but I had a pretty easy time imagining Christian and Anastasia enjoying dual vibrations with this slick design.

Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls

Anastasia definitely enjoyed a little kegel stimulation at a party with similar exerciser balls. These are great for not only training up your PC muscle for more intense orgasms but you can also enjoy the pleasurable sensations from them as you simply move. It’s all in the weighted balls.

“Hard Limits” Bed Restraint Kit

New to bondage play? This restraint kit would have Anastasia’s inner goddess giddy. The restraints go under the bed and the comfortable Velcro cuffs adjust to anyone’s build. Plus there’s a blindfold included to increase your sensory experience. Then you can just slide the kit under your mattress discreetly until you are ready to use it next time.

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