Affordable Male Masturbators – Empty The Pipe

We’re aware that some of the most popular male masturbators out there can put a serious dent in the wallet. While making love to a replica of an adult performer’s body parts might help the fantasy, the reality might be a bit different. If you’re looking for an affordable hand masturbator that looks like the expensive thing, but won’t break the bank, Empty The Pipe is for you – and may be even better.

Like your standard canister style male masturbators, Empty The Pipe has an fleshy opening at one end, with a closed opposite end for strengthened suction. The internal stimulation in Empty The Pipe is just like their more expensive cousins, and can be stored away easily. Unlike those others, Empty The Pipe is amazingly easy to clean. Since the ‘flesh’ is made from 100% silicone, you can give it a thorough cleaning with your favorite sex toy cleaner, or a mild soap and water solution. You can even submerge it in boiling water for five minutes for a complete sterilization – just be sure it has cooled down before using it again! Just like the majority of silicone sex toys, you’re best using a water based lubricant when you use the Empty The Pipe. This will not only be sure that the silicone material doesn’t break down from using with silicone lubes, it’s also a whole lot easier to wash away!Affordable Male Masturbators - Empty The PipeA lot of guys who are ‘quick on the draw’ and suffer from premature ejaculation use hand masturbators like the Empty The Pipe to help train themselves to go longer. In a process called ‘edging’, the man brings himself to the brink of orgasm, then stops all stimulation. Once he’s over that ‘hump’ of almost orgasming, he repeats the process several more times. Men have said that not only can they last longer with this process, they also have longer and stronger orgasms.

You may not think it, but Empty The Pipe and other hand masturbators make great travel toys. Since they come in such nondescript packaging, they don’t look out of place in your carry on along with your other bags of travel items. There’s no metal, so they won’t be setting off any detectors at the airport. You can even leave it out after cleaning – the handle makes it appear as if it’s your usual travel toiletry items!

The Empty the Pipe male masturbators might not be as anatomically correct as the other canister style sex toys on the market, but it’s perfect for those fellas who want to save a good chunk of money when it comes to self-pleasure. Is it a guilty pleasure if you’re spending less than $40? We certainly don’t think so!